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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspired by Water

The Rising Sun, stained glass mosaic on wood, 9" x 18 1/2", 2009   SOLD

While working on the above piece, I thought of a sunny day when the ocean appears as a deep, rich navy color and is filled with lots of large, breaking waves.
Aquatic Dreamscape, stained glass mosaic on wood, 7" x 9", 2009   SOLD
In the above mosaic, I tried to convey a more tropical ocean, where the water appears more inviting.

All these three pieces are inspired by the idea of water. The rolling hill-like shapes from my landscape mosaics transformed into flowing waves.

This last piece below was inspired by an overcast day, when the whole atmosphere at the beach seems to have a haze over it. The ocean, the sky and the sun all appear a very similar color.
Overcast, stained glass mosaic on wood, 9" x 7", 2009    SOLD

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