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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunrise at Shoshone Point

Sunrise at Shoshone Point, stained glass mosaic on wood, 5"x12", 2009    SOLD

Recently I've been thinking a lot about sunsets and sunrises. Looking back on the landscapes I encountered on a road trip to Northern Arizona, a special place stood out in my memory. Shoshone Point at the Grand Canyon is a secluded viewpoint, where my friends and I hiked to for a grand view of the canyon at sunset. It was a mystical place ... words and pictures can't describe all that I saw and experienced there. These images of the sunset made me think of what a sunrise might look like among these jagged irregular, seemingly barren rock formations. I created this somber piece imaging this place on a cool morning, right before the first ray of sunshine hits the crisp sky.

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