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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mosaic Flower Workshop

Longmont, Colorado February 2014 

Mosaic Flower Workshop at The Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, CO (Feb.28 - March 2). This will be a three day class where the students will have a choice of a few flower templates which I'm creating especially for the class. No previous mosaic experience or drawing skills needed - I will guide everyone from start to finish and the students will all take home a beautiful and professionally framed flower (frames will be custom made by my partner Kyle).  



Note: My Lotus Flowers are only used for promotional purposes, the templates I will provide will be similar but the students will not be making that exact flower as its part of my ongoing series.


  1. This sounds like a fabulous workshop!! I wish I lived in Colorado!

  2. Hi Anonymous =)
    Thanks for the enthusiasm for my upcoming workshop! I like to travel a lot and if you live in the US, there is a chance that I might come your way in the future. I am also hoping to get my online class up in April/May so that could be another option.
    All the Best,

  3. Thanks Kasia!
    I am Judy, sorry didn't realize I didn't put my name. I live in West Central Illinois, so unless you plan on visiting cattle or corn, you probably won't have a class here. lol I live too far away from everywhere. I have been trying to self teach and use your YouTube videos and tutorials as my teaching tools. So, thank you so much for all that. I am really enjoying it, but man it isn't as easy as you make it look. (bowing down to you now) Please keep posting on your blog and Instagram, you are keeping me motivated. Thanks!
    Judy Richardson, Bushnell, IL

  4. No doubt that I would love to take your class, but Colorado is as far as the moon for me. With 7 horses, dogs, cats and chickens......no way to get out of state. Let me know if you plan to get to Mississippi.