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Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Flower Designs for Upcoming Workshops

I designed the flowers below for the Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshops I am teaching. To see a list of all of my upcoming classes and to sign up Click Here.

Aqua Dhalia, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2014 

 Here you can see the progression of the arrangement of the hand cut glass petals that make up the flower.

Tangerine Sunflower, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2014

First you can see the mosaic after it was glued, followed by a grouting shot shot and a close up of the finished piece.

Purple Water Lily, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2014

Here you can see all the petals cut and arranged, followed a shot of the glued mosaic before grouting and framing.

Orange/Yellow Lotus Flower, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2014

Here you can see the progress on the background, followed by a grouting shot which shows a piece of the custom made frame which all the flowers get.

Aqua Lotus with Yellow Center, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2014 

Here you can see all the petals cut and arranged, followed by a size comparison and a shot before grouting.


  1. The artworks are so lovely! I hope I can be as accomplished as you are in mosaics arts. I regularly get my supplies from http://www.themosaicstore.com.au/ and I really do hope I can come up with great masterpieces, just like the ones you posted here.

    1. Best of Luck on your mosaic journey Yonex! Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. I'm looking a the precise pieces of glass. Do you cut all the petals by hand with just the tools shown in the picture?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, all the piece of glass are cut with the glass scoring tool, running pliers, flathead nippers and wheeled nippers for the broken background glass.

  3. Thanks for posting al the great information. I noticed that you buy some of your glass from Delphi. I live in Lansing and I've taken some classes at Delphi. I also noticed that you are teaching a class in Illinois in October. Illinois is not that far from Lansing. What about teaching a class at Delphi? I would DEFINITELY sign up!

  4. Hi,
    I'm happy you've enjoyed my blog. Yes, I am traveling to Chicago to visit family and friends in October and decided to add a class to that trip. I know that Lansing isn't too far from Chicago, but far enough to make it challenging for me to organize a class, plus I'd have to add a whole week to my already long trip. I wish I could come and teach everywhere where there are interested students. But on a more promising note, I may be planning a mosaic tour of sorts for next year and will most likely be adding a class somewhere in Michigan, I am yet to determine the location etc. but it would probably be in the summer. Once I have all of that organized, I will post about here as well as well as on the Kasia Mosaics Facebook Page.
    Best of Luck with your Mosaic Art!