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Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Friday Art Walk - December 4, 2015

Come to the December 4th First Friday Art Walk in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado.  Visit my mosaic studio #302 on the third floor.  We'll have lots of art for you to see hanging on the walls while you enjoy some red wine.  You'll also have a unique opportunity to see some of the works in progress I have laid out on the table plus a couple of recently completed new works.
Above is my current work-in-progress depicting a sunset over Trillium Lake at the foot of Mt Hood.  I am working off a photo I took while visiting Oregon.  I've still got a lot of work on this one but it is fun to see a mosaic in these early stages.  This piece is 48" x 24".

Above is a mosaic owl I've created for a recent contest winner via the Kasia Mosaics Facebook Page.  I just finished the piece today but it will still be in the studio on Friday prior to me shipping it out on Monday to its new home.

The above mosaic is all finished and waiting to be framed.  It is quite a sight to see in person as it stands 3ft tall.  The black grout lines in between the bone colored glass really make the mosaic pop.

Above I look up at the owl I roughly sketched out for a new mosaic I started last night.  Thus far I've just got the eyes and hope to start on the feathers soon.  This piece is laid out on one of my work benches and is also fun to see in these very beginning moments when the glass starts to cover up the sketch.

Lastly if you visited the studio in November and saw me working on the blue lotus flower, it is no longer in the studio.  It is all finished, framed and has been shipped to its new owner.  Though if I have a chance today or tomorrow morning, I might start working on a small flower for fun but also testing new ideas for classes and workshops that conduct here in the studio each month.  The next in house class is December 12-13, 2015.

See You Friday 6pm - 9pm in my studio #302 in the 910 Arts Building located at 910 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO, 80204.  Its been a busy month!  Since moving in at the beginning of November with the Holidays, I've only had 3 weeks of actual studio time but have been busy indeed!

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