Friday, February 19, 2016

High Alpine Lake

High Alpine Lake, stained glass mosaic 24"x48", 2016
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This mosaic is inspired by various hikes here in the high Rockies of Colorado.  Rather than paying homage to a specific lake, this is a tribute to high alpine lakes in general.  I've lived in Colorado since 2012 and have hiked to many such lakes as this region is blessed with countless gems of this sort.  I don't quiet have a favorite but have some that I've visited more than others in the Indian Peaks Wilderness as well as the Rocky Mountains both areas within driving distance where I've lived, ideal for day hike excursions.  

This photo gives an idea of scale and show how the mosaic is framed to match the mountains. 
In this mosaic I worked to convey the feeling of being in such places, hiking up high above the treeline, being surrounded by beautifully patterned granite mountains and rocks, coming upon a pristine body of water, encircled by peaks that shoot up to 13,000 to 14,000 feet into the perfect and warm Colorado Sky that is the bluest blue I've ever seen.  Having completed and stepped back from this mosaic, I now see that it can be so many more places that I've imagined, depending on who is viewing it and what amazing places they've gotten to experience. 

Progress.  All of the glass in this mosaic, including the mountains and the lake, is completely hand cut by me using basic hand tools.
Grouting - black really makes the bright blues pop!
The mosaic is almost revealed!
Close up of the beautifully patterned glass during grouting.


  1. Dear Kasia, you art work is aboslutely amazing! I get a big goosebumb while visiting it! My biggest resprect from Germany. find me here:

    1. That is so sweet Sabine! Thank you for letting me know that you enjoy my work. I hope that you have a lovely Spring in Germany. I hope to visit someday =)