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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kasia Mosaics Online Class

Yellow Lotus Flower, stained glass mosaic on board, 11"X11" (12"X12" framed), 2016  ~SOLD
This is one of the designs I've created for my online class.  Besides in-studio workshops, I teach an Online Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Class that focus on my approach to stained glass mosaics.  The class is geared at beginners as well as anyone wanting to try a new technique or simply to get an opportunity to work on some of the designs I've created for this class.  Check out more details here: http://kasiamosaicsonlineclasses.blogspot.com/

Each student receives a packet of 8 flower designs that they get to use during their learning process.  A set of finished mosaic flowers will make an impressive display at home or wonderful and unique gifts for loved ones.

In the class the students get to experience the whole stained glass mosaic process from start to finish at their own pace in the comfort of their home.  The class comes with 3.5 hours of DVD instructions that can be watched at anytime.  I demonstrate how to use the four basic glass cutting tools: a glass scoring tool, running pliers, flathead tile nippers and wheeled nippers while teaching the students how to cut glass for mosaics.  I give many demos including showing how to use my taping technique, how to glue and grout.  Additionally I've recently began adding new demos where I give special tips on each design.  The above flower was created by me while demonstrating how to cut each flower petal as well as how to add leaves to this flower (that can be applied to any of the included templates). 

My students also get to participate in a private facebook learning group where they get to post photos of inprogress projects as well as finished ones and ask questions along the way.  They also receive a couple of useful pdfs. For their first project, I include a custom built frame.  Anyone who wants can add additional frames to their initial order or get those at a later date.  Besides the flower templates, I also offer owl and mandala designs that come with custom substrates.  Those are great for future projects but can also be added to the class order.

Adding leaves - each leaf is hand cut by me.
Working on the background.  Each piece is hand cut and fitted.
The mosaic is glued into a custom oak frame built by my partner Kyle.

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