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Friday, April 29, 2016

Kasia Mosaics Summer Retreat

More Than a Workshop 


This is a unique opportunity for fans of Kasia’s stained glass mosaic art and technique as well as those who love nature and the outdoors as much as Kasia and her partner Kyle do. This retreat combines learning a new approach to stained glass mosaics as well as exploring and enjoying some of the local favorites when it comes to sightseeing in the foothills of Colorado.  Visit the new Kasia Mosaics Classes Website to register, to see the potential time line, hotel suggestions etc.  If you have any other questions, please email kpolkowska@gmail.com



Here Is What Kasia and Kyle Have Planned


Students fly into Denver, Colorado on a Wednesday July 6th in time for the Welcome Dinner in the Kasia Mosaics Denver Studio surrounded by lots of colorful mosaics sure to inspire a beginner as well as an intermediate mosaicist. This will be a perfect meet and greet where we will enjoy Kyle’s home cooking as well as other refreshments including wine and local beer.
The time spent with Kasia and Kyle will be a combination of learning the basics of stained glass mosaics, creating and finishing an 18″x18″ framed mandala mosaic as well as a few excursions to see and enjoy some of K&K’s favorite, easy to access mountain vistas where students can enjoy a nature walk, a hike or even just kick back and take in the view.

What You'll Learn 


The workshop would include all materials and tools.  We would have a structured class each of the three days and students would finish their projects by Saturday late afternoon/early evening.  At that point we might have some informal good bye refreshments.
During the class we will focus on glass cutting while going through ever part of the stained glass mosaic process and completing an impressive mosaic.  The students will have 3 templates to choose from.  Through out the day in the studio, we will have light snacks like coffee, cookies, fruit.
More details coming soon!


The Sights


The nature outings would be in the morning or in the late afternoon to avoid afternoon storms.
  • Boulder, maybe Chataqua Park would be very cool as we can go for nature walks in the foothill (if we get a big hiker, they can go up Green or Bear Mountain – both great hikes) 6 mile round trip with a lot of elevation gain.

  • Indian Peaks for the big Colorado views, perfect for a stroll, or a picnic around Brainard lake, a short 2 mile hike around Long Lake or a 5 or 6 mile hike out and back to the bigger views but this is high up so not for everyone.
  • Roxbourough State Park – amazing rock formations. (click the included links to see photos of these places).  The photo below was taken in winter, it will be green and sunny in July – the rock formations are spectacular. 

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