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Friday, May 13, 2016

Kasia Mosaics Online Flower Class

The Kasia Mosaics Online Flower Class is now fully virtual and available for instant streaming anywhere in the WORLD!

Can’t make a Kasia Mosaics Class in person? This is an online version of my popular ‘Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshop’ which is typically a two day intensive for beginners as well as intermediate mosaic artists.  I've taught the live version of this class to over 200 students across the country as well as a growing community of virtual mosaic enthusiasts, our Online Class has nearly 100 students now!  Everything covered in the original workshop is documented in detail in the  online instructional videos as well as additional written text that the students gain instant, life time access once they register.

For more information visit the new Kasia Mosaics Classes Website: http://www.kasiamosaicsclasses.com

Just like the onsite workshop, the online class is suited for all levels – a beginner as well as an advanced student will enjoy and benefit from the class.  No prerequisites or drawing skills are needed to be able to successfully complete the class project. The class covers the basics of every step of the stained glass mosaic process from start to finish.  It is a great choice for someone looking to develop a strong foundation in stained glass mosaics and to grow as a stained glass mosaic artist.

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