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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year

2016 has been a busy year of transition.  The hard work through out the year will pave a way for a very full and creative 2017.  I've moved to a more remote area of Colorado where I have a huge and beautiful studio space.  I have easy access to endless nature as the valley is encircled by mountains, with Sangre De Cristos to the East and the San Juans to the West.  This is a very peaceful and inspirational place where I feel a lot of good energy and excitement to begin working on new projects that I've been busy planning the last few months.  Lots is in the works including a new website strictly for my landscapes, a series of work exploring the landscape of the Yellowstone Region, an outdoor mosaic sculpture collaboration with Kyle Cunniff, a new series of landscapes inspired by my 2015 US Road Trip and more Online Classes for my mosaic students around the world.

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  1. Your blog is beautiful, happy new year, thanks for the tips.