Thursday, August 9, 2018

Huge Art SALE!!!

I'm currently having my biggest SALE ever! Some of my small to medium pieces are pretty heavily discounted as I'm working to clear as much space in my studio as I can (see previous post to see why). Take a look at one of the pieces from my Super Sale below or visit the shop to see the other work:

Above is a nice size comparison of  'Emerging From The Night ' a custom framed mosaic, 18"x18". This week it is only $395 ($795 regular price). This actually includes shipping within the US so its an extra sweet deal! Plus I'm including an artist proof of the Ursus Borealis print (only 2 proofs left). Visit the listing for this mosaic:

In the above photo, you can see one of the orders that has gone out during this one-of-a-kind event: a custom framed mosaic 'Pink Dahlia', a unique brushed aluminum print of 'Gaia - Goddess of Nature' as well as the bonus bear print. Below is another order 'Aloe Polyphylla' as well as the bonus print.

Why such a steep sale? As I'm entering a new chapter with my art, I'd love to find good homes for some of my older work. The profits from this week's sales will all be put back into sculpture projects in the sculpture park I am currently designing with my life and art partner Kyle Cunniff

Another recent sale "Ice Princess" along with her companion "Barn Owl in Camouflage Tights" with the bonus print!

Everyone wins =)  Lucky buyers acquire affordable, custom framed art and a couple of artists get to keep making more colorful, whimsical art to share with all of you! 

Above are a few other pieces that have sold during the sale. All buyers received the bonus gift, a free artist proof of the Ursus Borealis print. Any one who purchases a mosaic or a metal print this week will receive an artist proof of the print as well! ($55 value) 

Another owl silhouette mosaic "Apricot" along with "Ursus Borealis" - both sold. 

One more set of prints: a metal print of 'Cascade Canyon' along with a bonus gift of Ursus Borealis.

The piece above also just sold as well. Visit my shop to see what else is on sale this week:

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