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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Power of Self

The Power of Self 
A competition about the potential of self-portraiture.
I've just entered this competition and hope it goes well for me. If you are visiting my blog and enjoy what you see, please vote for my portfolio on the Artists Wanted Site. Here is a link to MY PORTFOLIO Thank You to Anyone who casts their Vote =)

Here is a little info about the competition:
From Salvador Dali to Cindy Sherman the self has been the subject of all the art world's greats. The self-portrait transcends medium, style and period, existing in the vast space between the personal and prophetic. This competition is about your story, your image and the power they hold. This is the Power of Self. The panel of judges including actor Steve Buscemi, director/producer Chris Weitz, Guggenheim Curator Helen Hsu and Flavorpill Founder Sascha Lewis will select one portfolio of self-portraits for The Grand Prize.

Text taken from the original site www.artistswanted.org

The voting process is now closed.
Thanks to Anyone who Voted!!!

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