Thursday, April 26, 2018


Trouvaille has been accepted into the 2018 Alamosa Artscape Public Art Program. It will be installed in the beginning of September and will be on display for a year. 

Trouvaille, a stained glass mosaic sculpture, 84" x 22", 2018 ~SOLD

Going back to childhood, many people may recall the excitement of finding a feather on the ground. It was a magical moment and it seemed that the feather was a gift from above. 

People may not realize but various cultures around the world also believed that feathers had a connection to the heavens. Some believed that they carried messages from the gods. Stumbling upon a feather is believed to be a good omen, a sign that you are on the right path. It is a message to soar above where you are spiritually and to look at the world from a higher perspective. 

This mosaic feather was created with that in-mind, to be a good omen for the passerby's. It aims to be an uplifting landmark and to delight visitors and residents a like, to provide a sensory experience of whimsical patterns, a warm welcoming color palette and a spiritual connection to its location. 

Concept Sketch for the proposed sculpture prior to completion.

Both sides of the sculpture were decorated with a handcut stained glass mosaic designed by Kasia.

Kyle Cunniff, Kasia's creative and life partner, assisted in the gluing and grouting process. He also did the technical drawings for the fabrication of the steel structure as well as created and atached the wedi parts to the steel. Kasia and Kyle often work very closely on their individual sculpture projects, each offering their unique expertise in the arts.