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Friday, July 12, 2013

Cascade Canyon Mosaic

Cascade Canyon, original stained glass mosaic, 24" x 48"(framed),  2013 available for purchase 

 A sense of scale. The mosaic 'Cascade Canyon' which I'm holding here is 2ft hight by 4ft wide. 

 Close up of 'Cascade Canyon' showing a part of the frame. 

Another close up showing the frame.

 Close up of 'Cascade Canyon'.

Close up of 'Cascade Canyon'.

 Close up of 'Cascade Canyon'.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Arts Prints ~ SOLD OUT
You can still purchase an unlimited edition signed poster art print of 'Cascade Canyon' here: http://www.kasiamosaicsclasses.com/product/cascade-canyon-signed-poster-art-print/ See Below.

The mosaic is inspired by my trip to the Teton Mountains last July. Kyle and I hiked the Canyon/Paintbrush Loop where the mountain views were spectacular, especially from our backcountry campsite in the Northern section of Cascade Canyon near Lake Solitude. Everything was so lush and green, the wild flowers were blossoming everywhere - the blue and yellow ones stood out to me the most but the reds and pinks were equally impressive.  A thunderstorm was brewing as we arrived at our campsite so we held our breath as it roared.  Following the storm a thick fog rose from the ground to fully cover the tall peaks and decrease visibility of the scenery.  Just as we watched it rise, we watched the fog fall back to the ground and reveal the spectacular scenery back to us.  The fog kept coming and going until it fully dispersed at sunset and we got to enjoy watching the mountains be bathed in the bright light.  We observed the marmots and the picas and even saw an antelope run across the meadow.  We fished in the lake, listened to the creek run past our camp as we enjoyed our supper and we slept under the stars. This was one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and used a variety of views and aspects that I've photographed to design a scene which I hoped would convey all that I loved about it.
Above is one of the photos I took in the morning, still catching some of the morning fog.   The composition in my mosaic landscape is not based on any particular photo I took, but rather a compilation of various impressions of the landscape.

Here is a color pencil concept sketch I created as the preliminary planning for the mosaic.

Because the sketch was small14" x 30", we printed it out in sections and here you can see Kyle piecing it together for me. The print out was 24" x 48" and I worked directly on top of it (the mosaic was later transferred onto my plywood substrate).

As a size comparison here I am holding up my fully assembled poster/sketch on top of which I am currently assembling my new mosaic landscape depicting Wyoming's Teton Mountains. 

A work-in-progress view in the studio.

Lots of detail in this mosaic.  Look how tiny some of the trees are! 

Here is one of my tiny hand carved glass circles.  Watch a video of me cutting a few stained glass circles by clicking this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqi9H959BRQ

Here is a shot of the taped mosaic before the gluing and grouting process. 

Here I am grouting the glued mosaic with sanded charcoal grout.

Here is a detail of the mosaic while I'm still cleaning of the excess grout.

Here is another shot our secluded back country campsite on a 20 mile hike through the Teton Mountains in Wyoming which has inspired my current work in progress. This photo shows some of the rock piles and shrubbery which I have incorporated into my composition. Here the Grand Teton is illuminated during sunset - I liked this and am working to also show this aspect in my mosaic.

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