Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vermont Spring

Vermont Spring, stained glass mosaic on board, 18" x 36", 2012   ~SOLD
Here is my latest mosaic landscape. It is inspired by part of the beautiful panoramic view I used to have from my porch while living and working on a sheep dairy farm in Northeast Vermont. In the spring and in the summer, the fields and pastures would blossom in colonies of flowers, change color almost every week as different flowers took the spotlight. I especially loved seeing the yellow and the pink and here I recreated it in another mosaic, again reliving some of my most beautiful memories I carry with me forever.  

Below are a few process shots of this mosaic.
The blueprint for the mosaic is all ready and the color palette is picked out.

The flower field coming along..
Left: mosaic coming along and almost ready for grouting    
Right: grouting in charcoal black

Here I am holding up the completed and framed Vermont Spring outside in Colorado Winter =)


  1. Combining colors makes automatic beauty.


  2. Hi Kasia!!!!
    This is amazingly beautiful! I am falling for this beauty!!

  3. Oh my post about falling in love with this mosaic didn't show my name = this is Zhanna :)

    1. Zhanna! So nice to hear from you =) I'm so happy that you are loving my tribute to the magical fields of colors that cover the land in Vermont during the Spring! Let me know if this love keeps growing more and if you need someone to talk to about it hehehe I can have it arranged for you to meet this beauty in person =)

  4. I do I do! I need to talk to someone! This doesn't look to be just a crush! I'm deeply into it! My collection of Kasia's beauties must grow! :)