Saturday, July 14, 2012

Green Mountains

Green Mountains, stained glass mosaic on board (framed), 36" x 36", 2012  ~SOLD

For a long time I've been on a quest to find my perfect landscape. This is one of the reason I love going on new hikes. Will I find the places that I've imagined? Before I got to live in Vermont and in Colorado, I would day dream of wandering through my ideal green hills that roll back into the distance and evolve into magnificent mountain peaks veiled by a perfect, huge bluebird sky. Living in Vermont, I fell in love with the vivid and lively Green Mountains the state is know for. Then when I moved to Colorado, the sky was incomparable to anywhere else. And the high peaks were so striking and impressive that I couldn't take my eyes of them. I combined all of this in this piece and hope it evokes the feelings of love and wonder that I have for our beautiful planet.

Below are a few process shots that show this mosaic coming to life.

Concept sketches and concept colors.
Sketching out the concept on the board.
The mosaic is coming along.

 Ready for gluing and then grouting.
Grouting - my favorite part =)
Polishing the grouted mosaic.

Details of the grouted mosaic.

 A great size comparison of the artwork seen next to the artist.

 Green Mountains seen in a potential living space.


  1. Wow this is really stunning - i love the way you did your mountains. I was looking for some ideas in how to pattern the tiles for different hills in my own project and you have given me some awesome inspiration. thank you so much for sharing ;)

    1. Thank you Abigail! I hope that you came up with some good and original ideas for your mosaic project =)

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  3. Phenomenal. Keep doing what you love.