Thursday, July 2, 2015

My First Online Class

Can't make a Kasia Mosaics Class in person? This is an online version of Kasia's popular 'Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshop' which is typically a two day intensive for beginners as well as intermediate mosaic artist.  To reserve your spot in the class, either pay here via paypal or by emailing ahead of time.  Please read the full post about the Online Class prior to purchasing it.

* Please do not purchase the Online Kit if you are looking for designs to sell.  By purchasing the class which includes my designs you agree that you will only use them for your own educational and hobby purposes only.  You may recreate each template as many times as you'd like as long as its not for production.  Artwork created from the templates cannot be sold for any purpose/profit or entered into any art contest/exhibit as your own design as it is a template based on my own artwork.  By purchasing the templates you are not purchasing the actual design which belongs to me and is copyrighted. You may also not use the templates to teach classes and to use them for any other business purposes.  You should always credit Kasia Mosaics and not claim the design as your own.  If you have any questions about this email  

If you would like to order a set of 8 Owl Templates with the Flower Class please make sure to choose that option at check out as it is not automatically included in the Flower Class.  



Included in the $150 Cost of the Class:

* Detailed Video Instructions covering the whole stained glass mosaic process involved in creating one of Kasia's flowers as seen above.  This comes on a CD so you can always refer back to it.
* A set of 8 Flower Templates designed by Kasia (The Owl Templates are not included in this class but can be added to the package at an additional cost).
* One 12"x12" custom oak frame with substrate.  The wood is stained in golden oak and finished in satin.  There is a hook on the back for hanging.  The mdf substrate on the inside is sealed and ready to be mosaiced on ($50 value).
* A 12 page Kasia Mosaics PDF related to stained glass mosaics.
* A 3 page Kasia Mosaics PDF with gluing/grouting tips for using with the included substrate.* Access to a private Facebook Group for the participants of the class to participate in, share questions about the process and photos of their work. 

Currently we only ship within the Continental US for a flat rate of $15.  Eventually we will be adding handling charges so that rate will go up to $25. 


* Shipping Charges with in the Continental US (additional shipping outside of the US can be calculated on an individual basis - email your address to to receive a quote) 
* Currently we are not charging for shipping materials which includes the Box and Shipping Peanuts.
* After this initial offer, we will be charging $25.00 flat rate for anywhere within the Continental US.   
* Shipping times vary.  We will be shipping weekly/biweekly via Parcel Post due to our current busy traveling season. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Kasia Mosaics US Tour

Here is the rest of the schedule for the one and only Kasia Mosaics US: Wayne, New Jersey June 27-28; Craftsbury, Vermont July 11-12; Holden, Maine July 25-26; Ann Arbor, Michigan August 1-2; Saint Paul, Minnesota August 8-9; Great Falls, Montana August 15-16; Seattle, Washington September 12-13; San Francisco Bay Area, California September 26-27; Los Angeles, California October 3-4; San Diego, California October 10-11; Phoenix, Arizona October 17-18; Boise, Idaho October 24-25 and we might possibly be coming back to Texas in November. Sign up via and email all questions to or comment here.

We departed from Boulder, Colorado at the beginning of March and have been on the road now for close to 4 months driving through nearly 30 states and teaching 10 classes through out Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Be a Part of Our Mosaic Journey!

Starting at the end of February 2015 my partner Kyle and I took our creative endeavors on the road.  We bought and converted a Dodge ProMaster Cargo Van and are living and traveling in it for the rest of the year while teaching weekend mosaic workshops in many parts of the country we otherwise would not be able to reach.  

For many folks this is a once in a life-time opportunity to take my class locally.  Thus far we've taught in Alpine, TX; Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; New Orleans, LA; Lake Worth, FL; Springville, AL; Mars Hill, NC; Gaithersburgh, MD; Sewickley, PA; Highland Park, IL, Wayne, NJ and head to Craftsbury, Vermont and Holden Maine next.  Check out the full tour schedule here. 
CRAFTSBURY, VERMONT (July 11-12, 2015)

Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshop at The Art House located at 38 South Craftsbury Rd in Craftsbury, VT 05826. Saturday 10am - 5pm July 11 - Sunday 10am-5pm July 12, 2015 (Class Limited to 10 Students - There will be a 1 hr lunch break each day.) 


HOLDEN, MAINE (July 25-26, 2015)

Stained Glass Mosaic OWL Workshop at a Private Residence in Holden, Maine. Saturday 10am - 5pm July 25 - Sunday 10am-5pm July 26, 2015 (Class Limited to 10 Students - There will be a 1 hr lunch break each day.) There will be a variety of Owl templates to choose from.


ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN (August 1-2, 2015)

Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshop at a Private Residence in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Saturday 10am - 5pm August 1 - Sunday 10am-5pm August 2, 2015 (Class Limited to 10 Students - There will be a 1 hr lunch break each day.)


SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA(August 8-9, 2015

Stained Glass Mosaic OWL Workshop at The Mosaic on a Stick Studio - 1564 Lafond Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104.  Saturday 10am - 5pm August 8 - Sunday 10am-5pm August 9, 2015 (Class Limited to 10 Students - There will be a 1 hr lunch break each day.) There will be a variety of Owl templates to choose from. 


GREAT FALLS, MONTANA (August 15-16, 2015)

Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshop at a Private Residence in Great Falls, Montana. Saturday 10am - 5pm August 15 - Sunday 10am-5pm August 16, 2015 (Class Limited to 10 Students - There will be a 1 hr lunch break each day.)



Friday, May 29, 2015

Owls on the Road!

For the last three months I've been living and traveling in a converted cargo van with my partner in crime Kyle the Great!  Life on the road does not lend itself to creating large scale mosaics so I've gone cold turkey, not creating any of my artwork since leaving my studio in Colorado.

The other day, I did decide to get a quick mosaic fix.  While camping in Upstate New York, I got out some glass, one of my Owl Designs and my tools and went to town!  Before the afternoon rolled around, I had my Owl ready for gluing.  I might have to do this more often =)  Maybe I don't have to wait till 2016 to keep up on my cutting skills! 

Here is a shot of my progress.  A picnic table is not a glamorous studio but it worked.

Here is another owl I created in the small class I taught in Sewickley, Pennsylvania this weekend.  I'm on a roll!  An Owl a Day will Keep the Doctor Away =)

Below is a photo of my two owls along with the owls my students created during the weekend.  


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Back Yard Owl Project

This is a quick family mural project I worked on with my niece, her friend and one of my sisters.  We used my Owl Designs and just had fun with creating a new addition to the colorful wall in the garden =)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

DrOwsy or DrOwlsy?

DrOwlsy, stained glass mosaic owl silhouette, 17" x 9", 2015
Available for Sale: 

I designed this sleepy owl for as a template for the students in my Stained Glass Mosaic Owl Workshops.  The classes are geared at beginners though intermediate as well as advanced students enjoy this class as well due to its theme of funky owls - who wouldn't want to make one? To see the full schedule of Owl Classes on my upcoming 2015 Kasia Mosaics US Tour - click here:

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Dahlia Design for Upcoming Workshops

Tangerine Dahlia, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2015
Available for Sale:


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Colorful Striped Owl

Colorful Snowy Owl, stained glass mosaic, 16.75" x 8." silhouette 2015

 In the process of coming together =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop, stained glass mosaic silhouette, 17"x10", 2015
Available for Sale:

Here is my mom working on her owl.  This was her first stained glass mosaic.  You can see that she was a very focused and diligent student =)

To the left is my mosaic owl before we glued it down and to the right is my mom's mosaic owl. 
Here I am with my mom and our finished sister owls =)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ice Princess

Ice Princess, stained glass mosaic, 17.5" x 8.5" silhouette 2015 
available for sale:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tropical Flower Owl

Tropical Flower Owl, stained glass mosaic owl, 16.75"x10" silhouette, 2015 
available for sale:

This Owl is a recent slight simplification/alteration of the the beloved "Professor Plum" seen below to the left.  I feel that the new version of the design will be more doable for the students in my 2 day 'Stained Glass Mosaic Owl Workshop' I will be teaching on my 2015 Kasia Mosaics US Tour. 
Check the dates and location on the classes on the tour.  Besides the Owl Class, I will also be teaching my popular 'Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshop'.  Here is the link to the schedule and sign ups:  Some of the locations for the Owl Class include: New Jersey, New York, Maine, Washington State, California and Indiana.  Email: with questions

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pink Zinnia

This Zinnia is the latest design I've created as an addition to the templates available to my students in my "Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Workshop" which I'll be teaching all over the Unites States starting at the end of February .

Visit my 2015 Kasia Mosaics US Tour page to see the full schedule of classes and their locations: The classes are open to all levels.  No prerequisites.  All materials and tools will be provided.  At the end of the two day workshops, the students go how with a finished and framed artwork and most importantly the knowledge of basic stained glass mosaic techniques which allow them to continue creating mosaics at home. 

 Pink Zinnia, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2015 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Foxy Owl

Foxy Owl, stained glass mosaic owl, 17"x10" silhouette, 2015 
available for sale:

This is the latest Owl Design I've created to add to the curriculum in my Stained Glass Mosaic Owl Workshops.  Check the dates and location on my 2015 Kasia Mosaics US Tour.  Here is the link to the schedule and sign ups:  Some of the locations include: New Jersey, New York, Maine, Washington and California.  Email: with questions

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Owliver, stained glass mosaic, 19" x 10" silhoutte 2015 

Battle of the Ears!!! Bat ears won =) 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mosaic Moose for Kaylyn

Stained Glass Mosaic Moose for Kaylyn, 2014 by Kasia Polkowska

This was a really fun project for me.  I've  been wanting to work on an animal mosaic for a long time now but haven't had the time.  Creating this Moose as a Christmas gift for my niece was a great opportunity to finally make that happen.  This is the last mosaic that I completed in 2014.

Some of the reasons why the moose is the perfect animal to live in my baby niece's room are the wonderful spirit animal qualities that it posseses.  The moose as a spirit animal will let my niece of her importance here on earth, that she possesses special gifts unique only to her and that she is here for a reason. It will be there to remind her of her greatness and to let her know to take pride in her accomplishments in life. It will whisper to her to always find the joy in and of life.  Its wisdom will teach her when to be gentle and when to be strong, to always take action in a balanced way.  Those are just some of the reasons why this moose will be a good guardian to the little one.  On top of that, it is a majestic creature and every time I see it in nature, it feels like magic! It is very graceful and powerful yet goofy.  I think it will be a perfect roomate to the baby =) 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Its been a productive and full year in the Kasia Mosaics Art Studio and Classroom! I'm very excited for 2015 and really looking forward to what it will bring Hope that everyone will have a happy and creative New Year!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Teton Sunrise

Teton Sunrise, stained glass mosaic, 14.5"x25" (16"x26.5"), 2014  available for sale

Photo by Kyle Cunniff on our trip to the Teton Mountains in the summer of 2013
A few process shots of "Teton Sunrise"

In 2013 my partner Kyle and I ventured on an epic trip to Wyoming.  For about 10 days we explored Yellowstone National Park as well as Teton National Park.  We only had 3 days in the Tetons but we made the most of it.  We backpacked Cascade/Paintbrush Canyons and did a few other day hikes as and shorter hikes which allowed us to experience the Tetons from all different directions and during different times of day.  Each view, each moment was unique and breathtaking as everything in this area seems to be.

On our last day, we woke up early to check out the sunrise over Jenny Lake.  It was spectacular as seen in Kyle's Photo.  I combined that memory of those sweet, sunrise colors with the view of the Tetons from Cascade Canyon where we camped with the
Youghiogheny head glass which I wanted to incorporate into a special project.  What I got is this landscape "Teton Sunrise".  It captures various experiences into one image.  So much is reborn into something new, something of my own.  Yet it is an homage to what so many can relate to, whether they have stood where I stood and looked at these very mountains or whether they simply dreamed it because it lived inside of them or because they needed this place to inspire them.  This landscape is real yet imaginary - you decide.