Monday, January 9, 2017

Studio Class in Alamosa, Colorado

The first Studio Class in my new Alamosa, Colorado Studio is set for February 4-5, 2017! There is an introductory offer: the class is regularly $295 but this first one will be available for $275 and if you sign up with a friend it will go down to $250 for each student. The next class (Spring/Summer) will go up to $325 - still a great deal compared to other similar type workshops that cost $325-$475.  I will most likely only teach a couple more studio classes in 2017 as the year will be busy with a lot of art projects as well as the development of future online classes, so don't miss this class if its been on your must do list!

Kasia Mosaics classes tend to be small, 3-6 students on average, allowing more one on one attention. Learning in an artist studio from a working artist with 10 years of stained glass mosaic experience and a vast portfolio of art work is a unique opportunity. This two day workshop is a valuable for anyone interested in learning a new approach to stained glass mosaics, especially for beginners.  

All the materials including a selection of colorful stained glass, a set of Kasia's project templates, a custom made substrate as well of use of all needed tools is provided for each student. Additionally, every student completes their project in class, having experienced the whole process, gaining the confidence to tackle more mosaic projects at home! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year

2016 has been a busy year of transition.  The hard work through out the year will pave a way for a very full and creative 2017.  I've moved to a more remote area of Colorado where I have a huge and beautiful studio space.  I have easy access to endless nature as the valley is encircled by mountains, with Sangre De Cristos to the East and the San Juans to the West.  This is a very peaceful and inspirational place where I feel a lot of good energy and excitement to begin working on new projects that I've been busy planning the last few months.  Lots is in the works including a new website strictly for my landscapes, a series of work exploring the landscape of the Yellowstone Region, an outdoor mosaic sculpture collaboration with Kyle Cunniff, a new series of landscapes inspired by my 2015 US Road Trip and more Online Classes for my mosaic students around the world.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, stained glass mosaic (framed), 60" x 36", 2016
Available for Sale:

In 2012, I visited Yellowstone National Park for the first time. I spent a week hiking, observing and feeling the magic of the park. I took photos as I explored the various landscapes.

I hand picked all the glass for this project, searching out for the right patterns and colors that would evoke the feeling of looking at the details of the canyon walls blending together in the distance.

I hiked along the canyon rim and looked down at the rushing river in the distance. I hiked through the rolling hills, watching the white water flowing through and shaping the landscape around me.

I wanted to show both that lovely turquoise hue that I was fascinated by as well as the strength of the white water.

In the sky I wanted to express light, wispy clouds weaving in and out between a lovely colored blue sky. The canyon walls that shoot down and meet the river are mighty and steep. The water mists them as it runs its course. As it passes, it gives life and creates a unique ecosystem along the canyon walls where moss, shrubs and trees grow.

Looking further toward the waterfall, the details start blending in, the colors are blended creating abstract compositions in this natural landscape. Further above the waterfall, is a forest filled with big trees. Of course from a distance they are tiny, coming together to be a large patch of dark green. But in my mosaic, I chose to highlight them just as the trees that are in the foreground, giving each one just as much value.

The grouting process, for me, is one of the most exciting parts of working on my mosaic art.  It is a that final touch that unifies all the pieces and is a common thread through out the composition.  It is the grand reveal.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Blue Daisy Tutorial

Blue Daisy, stained glass mosaic on board, 11"X11" (12"X12" framed), 2016

I've recently added the latest tutorial for the students in my Online Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Class.  It is a 30 minute tutorial specifically for Design 11 also know as a Daisy Flower - there are 12 designs in total for the students to download and to use for their fun, learning projects. The tutorails and the templates are only available to registered students.  

The video specifically focuses on the petals of the flower which due to having continuous curves that make a sharp turn make these cuts more challenging.  This template is a bonus for those students who have created at least one of the other flower designs, have practiced cutting glass and feel confident using the tools.

Check out the Online Class Promo Video to get a quick glimpse into what this class entails.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Orange Gazania

Orange Gazania Flower, stained glass mosaic on board (framed), 30"x30", 2016 available for sale

Sense of scale - the central part of the design. Those tini pieces of glass are all hand-cut and meticulously arranged.

The hand drawn sketches and preliminary color choices.


I was having second thoughts about my original color palette so I laid out a selection of colors I liked for the background to get a feeling for what worked best with the arranged flower.

Progress on the foliage surrounding the flower.  Initially I planned to create a broken glass pattern as the background (seen in the neighboring flowers) but as I took a few days to think about the colors, I also changed my mind about the background pattern.

The mosaic is glued, the tape is peeled and its ready to be grouted!


A few weeks following the completion of my mosaic gazania, I encountered my first real gazania while walking home from the grocery store.  I couldn't believe my eyes as they flowers looked so exotic and somewhat out of place just growing along the curb of a busy street.  Using my phone, I shot an instagram of one and I think it matches up pretty well with my mosaic rendition - what a fun coincidence.  Seeing it among its leaves also showed me that I made the right call on the color and pattern for the space surrounding the flower. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

New Pattern

Untitled, stained glass mosaic (framed), 18"x18", 2016   Available for Sale:

Cutting and arranging the pattern.


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Aloe Polyphylla

Aloe Polyphylla, stained glass mosaic (framed), 18"x18", 2016   Available for Sale:

All the glass is hand cut and arranged by me.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Black and White Penta-Flower

Black and White Petna-Flower, stained glass mosaic (framed), 18"x18", 2016   Available for Sale:
All the glass is hand cut and arranged by me.

Grouting, then framing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dahlia Spectrum

Dahlia Spectrum, stained glass mosaic (framed), 18"x18", 2016   Available for Sale:
Choosing a color palette.

All hand cut and taped together for the next step.

Fitting in the hand cut background pieces around the central element.



Ready for framing.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

White Barred Owl

Gaia - Goddess of Nature - The White Barred Owl, stained glass mosaic, 45"x25", 2016
~Available for Sale:
Take a look at the owl coming alive through the process photos.  Prints coming soon!

The rough sketch.

Adding feathers one by one.
Only the tail to go, then onto the leaves.
Choosing the right shade of green.
The leaves and the sky area all also hand cut.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Friday Art Walk

This coming Friday, June 3, 2016 is the monthly Art Walk here in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, Colorado.  The Kasia Mosaics Studio is located in unit 302 on the third floor of the 910 Arts Building on 910 Santa Fe Drive. The Art Walk is happening from 6pm to 9pm. 

This is a really big and fun event for all art enthusiasts. The street will be closed off, all the art galleries and studios will be open, there will be food trucks and music through out the area. My studio will be open as usual and beer and wine will be served for all who venture up to the third floor of the 910 Arts Building to visit my colorful studio!