Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunset Over Boulder

Sunset Over Boulder, stained glass mosaic (framed), 24" x 48", 2016
Having lived in Colorado since the beginning of 2012 I have seen many beautiful sunsets over the foothills.  Often the really good ones are seen from the car, driving between Denver and Boulder or Boulder and Lyons.  You just sit there and take in that fleeting magical color display.  The mountains change colors.  Everything in the foreground begins to blend in and become one, making way for the show the sun has in stored for you. When surrounded by such beauty, you don't always jump at the photo op, sometimes you just look.  I've seen many incredible sunsets here.  This mosaic is an impression that I carry with me.  I just flip through the many beautiful memories I have and there it is, a compilation of my favorite Boulder View glowing in Blue with bursting sunbeams lighting up the clouds.  This is why so many people fall in love with Colorado.

The mountains are made with Kokomo Glass, hand cut by me.

The trees are also hand cut with those same tools as well as using Kokomo Glass.

The sky is created using Bullseye Glass.

The mosaic is custom framed.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Mandala Designs

 Flower Mandala #5, stained glass mosaic, 15" in diameter, 2016
Available for Sale:

Flower Mandala #4, stained glass mosaic, 15" in diameter, 2016
Available for Sale:

Flower Mandala #6, stained glass mosaic, 15" in diameter, 2016
Available for Sale:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

First Friday Art Walk - Denver, Colorado

Come to the February 5th First Friday Art Walk in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado (6pm to 9pm).  Visit my mosaic studio #302 on the third floor.  We'll have lots of art, not just mosaics but also painting and prints for you to enjoy!  You'll also have a unique opportunity to see my stained glass mosaics in person, truly the best way to experience glass.  I have lots of new projects displayed since the December Open Studios (we were closed in January due to Holiday travels) - hope to see you there!

The very latest addition to the Kasia Mosaics Studio is this photo collaboration with Kyle Cunniff.  We've printed some of both of our photos from last year's cross country trip and have created wood block print transfers - they are quite a sight to see!
These three landscapes are some of the newest editions to my studio.  Be the first to see them framed and displayed.
This piece will great you even before you enter my studio!
Here is another mandala that you get to see all grouted.
And another - there really is lots to see!
This is the latest landscape that I've just completed.  It is all glued, grouted and framed, ready to be admired by its first viewers.
The Red Lotus mosaic is now beautifully framed.  Many of my works are larger than people realize.  The best way to truelly experience them is in person.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sunset at Trillium Lake - Oregon

Sunset at Trillium Lake, stained glass mosaic (framed), 24" x 48", 2016
Available for Sale:

A photo I took at Trillium Lake.
In September of 2015 I spent a few days in the Mt Hood region of Oregon.  We camped in a national forest near Trillium Lake.  This was part of our (my partner Kyle and I's) 8 month long cross country trip.  The days spent in this area were calm and relaxing.  The forest was quiet, the skies blue and mostly clear, The MOUNTAIN was majestic.  Most of our trip was very busy as we were combining travel with work so it had its moments of stress.  But here we found a tranquility we longed for in those busy days.  The feeling that filled me while at the foot of Mt Hood, watching the setting sun and the still reflection of the vista in Trillium Lake, knowing that there is turmoil and boiling lava below, was magical. 

I worked on the mosaic for about a month and a half.  All of the glass used in the mosaic is made in the USA and hand cut and shaped by me using basic hand tools.
All the glass is meticulously hand cut by me.
Working on the sky reflection in the lake.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Teton Alpenglow

Teton Alpenglow, stained glass mosaic, 16" x 25" (17.5" x 26.5" framed), 2015

This mosaic is inspired by the soft rosy light that sometimes hits the legendary Teton Mountains in Wyoming during sunrise.  These mountains always look majestic.  They are always awe inspiring.  The alpenglow though is an extra special sight to see.  It is so brief that you want to breath in every moment of it.  When the Tetons are surrounded by alpenglow, one really does feel like on a set of a fairytale but it is even better because it real.  Time stops and you can't take your eyes off of the mountains.  The atmosphere is nothing short of magic, real magic here on earth.  I created this mosaic as a reminder that these places are real, that these moments are real but if you don't wake up early and don't make the effort, you'll think that this kind of magic only happens in our imaginations. 

 Testing out my glass choice for the sky.

 Smoothies - what keeps me going in the studio =)


 All glued!

 The tape is peeled - all ready for grouting!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Teton Mounains in Earthtones

Tetons, stained glass mosaic on board, 14" x 24.5" (15.5" x 26" framed), 2015 ~Available for Sale

This version of the Tetons came about during the winter here in Colorado.  The land is brown.  The grass is straw.  The colors are subdued.  This is the West.  During the winter, I often time travel, not just to different seasons but also places where I've took good memories from.  The Teton Mountains are just that.  They are also so Western.  I've been thinking about those mountains, in those sepia tones before the snow covers them.  After the snow melts but the bright spring hues have not come back yet.  Then I add the sun!  The sun always brings back the magic.  In this mosaic I am looking at this beloved landscape being brought back to life during Magic Hour, that time during the day when it may be getting colder as the sun is calling it a night but not before reminding us of its majestic powers to do just what you see here.

 The beginning. 

 All of the glass is hand picked and hand cut to create the best effect.

 All ready to glue. 


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Arthur the Sily School Boy Owl

Arthur the Silly School Boy Owl, stained glass mosaic, 17" x 10.5", 2015 ~ available for sale

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New One Day Class

In January 2016 I am releasing my first one day workshop.  The class will take place on January 23rd (Saturday 10am - 5pm).  The cost of the class is $195 but I am offering the first of its kind at an introductory offer for $150. 

The cost of the class includes all the materials needed to complete the project, the three template designs, one substrate for the class project as well as use of all the needed tool in class.

The basics of my stained glass mosaic technique will be the focus of this class.  Students will use the scoring tool, the running pliers and the flathead tile nippers to practice stained glass cutting for mosaics.  We will use the front mounting taping method for our projects.  The students will also experience the gluing and grouting of their projects.  Following the one day class, students will gain valuable experience and confidence to continue creating stained glass mosaics at home. They will take home a couple of templates so that they can continue creating mosaics at home right away!

This class is FULL. More dates coming soon.  The rest of the classes for 2016 and beyond will be priced at the regular rate of $195.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tangerine Zinnia

Tangerine Zinnia, stained glass mosaic on board, 11"X11" (12"X12" framed), 2015 Available for Sale

All the petals are cut with only hand tools - there is no grinding or using of the wetsaw to create these shapes.  If you're interested in learning how to cut stained glass for mosaics, visit my Online Class Page:

 All ready to glue!

Glued into one of the custom frames built by my partner Kyle. (The Online Class comes with one framed substrate.)

 The flower all finished among some of my other mosaic work in the studio.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Professor Sunshine

Professor Sunshine, stained glass mosaic, 17"x10", 2015 ~SOLD

All the glass is hand cut.


The "Professor Plum" Owl Design is available as a Project Kit which includes an Original Kasia Mosaics Owl Template, a matching substrate hand cut by Kasia's partner here in the US and a 3 page pdf with gluing and grouting tips.  If you know how to cut glass and love creating at home, this is a perfect opportunity to own a Kasia Mosaics Owl where you get to customize it and put your own special touch on it.  Owls look great displayed on a wall or make great and unique gifts for friends and family.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Friday Art Walk - December 4, 2015

Come to the December 4th First Friday Art Walk in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado.  Visit my mosaic studio #302 on the third floor.  We'll have lots of art for you to see hanging on the walls while you enjoy some red wine.  You'll also have a unique opportunity to see some of the works in progress I have laid out on the table plus a couple of recently completed new works.
Above is my current work-in-progress depicting a sunset over Trillium Lake at the foot of Mt Hood.  I am working off a photo I took while visiting Oregon.  I've still got a lot of work on this one but it is fun to see a mosaic in these early stages.  This piece is 48" x 24".

Above is a mosaic owl I've created for a recent contest winner via the Kasia Mosaics Facebook Page.  I just finished the piece today but it will still be in the studio on Friday prior to me shipping it out on Monday to its new home.

The above mosaic is all finished and waiting to be framed.  It is quite a sight to see in person as it stands 3ft tall.  The black grout lines in between the bone colored glass really make the mosaic pop.

Above I look up at the owl I roughly sketched out for a new mosaic I started last night.  Thus far I've just got the eyes and hope to start on the feathers soon.  This piece is laid out on one of my work benches and is also fun to see in these very beginning moments when the glass starts to cover up the sketch.

Lastly if you visited the studio in November and saw me working on the blue lotus flower, it is no longer in the studio.  It is all finished, framed and has been shipped to its new owner.  Though if I have a chance today or tomorrow morning, I might start working on a small flower for fun but also testing new ideas for classes and workshops that conduct here in the studio each month.  The next in house class is December 12-13, 2015.

See You Friday 6pm - 9pm in my studio #302 in the 910 Arts Building located at 910 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO, 80204.  Its been a busy month!  Since moving in at the beginning of November with the Holidays, I've only had 3 weeks of actual studio time but have been busy indeed!