Friday, March 24, 2017

Yellowstone - Chromatic Spring Mosaic

Chromatic Spring - Yellowstone National Park, a framed stained glass mosaic on board, 36" x 48", 2017 ~SOLD

In 2012, I first visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I visited many of the geysers and was completely captivated. Seeing them in person was pure magic. Each one was more unique and beautiful than the previous one. Above is a photo I took of Chromatic Spring - one of my favorites. That is the photo I used as inspiration for this new mosaic

  In this composition, I was working to create an abstract interpretation of the geyser.  I created a variety of funky, organic shapes that would come together to create an impression of the colorful spring.

The geyser is arranged and taped.  Here I am moving on to working on the tree covered hill in the distance. 

Every single piece of glass in this mosaic is hand cut and shaped by me.  Here you can see one of the many trees I've created to line the hillside behind the geyser.

The clouds are coming along.

Finally the building phase of the project is complete.

Here the mosaic is being sectioned off for gluing.

All glued and ready for grouting!

The unframed mosaic is being grouted.  It will be professionally framed once the process is complete.

The grand reveal!

Close up detail of the glass while the grout is still wet.

Polishing the mosaic, wiping away the remaining grout film.


  1. This is spectacular! How long does a piece this size take for you to create?

    Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks a lot Annie! I'm never exactly sure how long it takes as I don't log my hours =) For this piece its particularly difficult to gauge because the second half of it I worked on while I was pregnant and very sick so its kinda a blur. I would guess about 2 months of work with design time all the way to framing.