Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cathedral Sky ~ Boulder

Several weeks ago in early spring, while driving on US 36 here between Lyons and Boulder, I was confronted with the most magical and serene view - I couldn't get it out of my head ... right away I knew that it was meant to be my next mosaic.  Actually I had to put my other very exciting project on hold because I needed to create this one so badly =)

Cathedral Sky, stained glass mosaic (framed), 24" x 48", 2014 by Kasia Polkowska  ~SOLD

The drive on that road is really beautiful with the rolling foothills and our famous Boulder Mountains on display for all the cyclists and drivers to enjoy. The leaves on the trees were newly blossomed and everything was covered in an afternoon haze. The mountains and the sky almost became one as they created a peaceful backdrop for this lovely scene. It seemed kinda cloudy yet the sun was shining brightly underneath the thin layer of clouds. Right away my mind began to race as this mosaic began to come to life in my head during that lovely drive.
 Some of the progress before the sky ...

With the sky =)

Sectioned off for gluing.


 A peak at the framing =)

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  1. The saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - meaning the perception of beauty is subjective. Your glass mosaic is not only beautiful but its meaning or what the image depicts can also be subjective with numerous interpretations. What you created and titled "Cathedral sky" I see as the biblical story of the Jewish people standing in front of Mount Sinai waiting for Moses to descend.

    I am sorry I did not know you are based in Denver where I was on a trip few weeks ago. I would have certainly liked to visit your studio.

    Yigal Yankelevits vitargeglass@yahoo.com