Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Landscapes

Landscape II, stained glass mosaic on board, 8" x 17 3/4", 2011 ~SOLD

I began this landscape intending to create an image of Vermont's rolling hills during the fall foliage.  I already had a great sketch and was only getting out the glass I imagined using. As I was pulling out the burnt, orange glass that became the mountains in this piece, the landscape in my head began to change rapidly.  Some of the glass was actually broken into sharp, triangular shapes and images of barren, sandy looking mountains in the middle of nowhere came into mind.  Though the color still reminded me of Vermont, especially one particular, cloudy day.  I really liked the way that orange hills looked against the cloudy, gloomy sky.

Above you can see how "Landscape II" is framed .  Its floating frame is created with a 2.5" deep x .25 wide red oak which is stained in dark walnut and finished in satin.  "Landscape III" is framed the same to match.

Landscape III, stained glass mosaic on wood, 3 5/8" x  11", 2011   ~SOLD
Landscape III came about as I was working on it's bigger sister.  I liked theses mountains and their colors so much, so you can say that I turned my head to the side and this is a view of a different portion of the same mountain range.