Friday, March 11, 2011

Autumn in Vermont

View from Stowe Pinnacle, stained glass mosaic on board, 8"x18", 2011 ~SOLD

Here is a photograph of my friend Sami and my boyfriend Kyle. They are sitting at Stowe Pinnacle, the top of a very nice hike in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It was a beautiful autumn day and this particular view made a lasting impression on me.

Here you can see how the mosaic is framed in a custom oak frame stained in ebony black.

View From My Porch, stained glass mosaic on board, 8"x18", 2011     SOLD

In this photo is a view of the sunset from my porch in Vermont. While living up there for six months, I've gotten to see so many incredible landscapes. This is one that I've captured with a photo and today recreated into another pleasant memory that has a physical form as one of my mosaic landscapes.

Here is a little glimpse into my studio. You can see one of my landscapes in process and all of my essential tools. I thought it would be fun to show my piles of glass, one for the mountains and the other for the sky. And finally the little shards of glass that are created while I trim and shape all the glass. While working, I kept sweeping them into a little glass mountain of its own. Its fun to watch it grow because it makes me realize just how many times I snip my tools go create all the little balls!

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