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Monday, May 23, 2011

Reliving Vermont

Autumn Foggy Morning, stained glass mosaic on plywood, 7" x 28", 2011   SOLD

While living in Vermont last year, this landscape became imbedded in my memory and in my heart. The first time I set my eyes on these mountains, I knew that I would never forget them. I first sketched this composition last year and shortly after made a mosaic based on it. Currently living in Chicago far away from the mountains, my mind lingers back to Vermont, to the porch from which I admired this very view. Working on a new version of this landscape allowed me to go back to this special place, a place I think of often.

Foggy Morning, stained glass mosaic on plywood, 7" x 28", 2010   SOLD

The above, "Foggy Morning", is the first version which I built with the mountains right in front of me. On my porch where I saw the most beautiful scenery, heard the cayotes sing, the lambs cry. I felt the fresh rain drops on my skin, a hawk zoomed by my head only a few feet away, a humming bird hovered inches away above me while I snipped away at orange and yellow glass. This image brings back so many memories - it takes me back to a magical time.

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