Friday, June 3, 2011

Match Girl

Match Girl, stained glass mosaic on plywood, 40" x 30", 2011   available for purchase

I just completed this mosaic for a show "Match Girl: a Body of Work by Kasia Polkowska" The exhibit is at the CMS Gallery @ the Chicago Mosaic School running from May 31st till July 27th.

In May 2016,  a 'Match Girl' Poster Art Print has been released.   The mosaic image on the print is 12"x9". It is printed on 100lb satin cover stock paper, size 14"x11, leaving a 1" border all around. The print is titled and signed by Kasia under the image.  It comes with a suggested frame/matting option Click Here to Buy 

The mosaic is based on an image I painted a few years back while studying at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. My original painting depicted the imaginary spaces I thought up while reading Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl" - one of the most memorable fairy tales from my childhood.

Detail of "The Match Girl" mosaic which is 42"x32" in size.
Both the painting and the mosaic are inspired by the imaginary spaces I build in my head while experiencing this familiar childhood story. Being a story architect can be extremely creative as there aren't any rules you have to follow.  In the upper left hand corner (inside a room, among the apartment buildings) my mother is reading the story to my two sisters and me.  The orphaned child in the story is out on a cold winter day, selling matches.  No one is buying them though.  It is so cold that the little girls starts burning the matches to stay warm.  As my mother approaches the sad ending of the story - an ending I've heard before - I leap out of the room landing in the story. Though I am too late the last match has been lit.  All that is left of the little girl is a shadow surrounded by light, as her soul ascends to heaven.

Me and 'The Match Girl' mosaic. You can see its a big one, I swear I'm not that small =) The framed mosaic is 42"x32". 

Detail of "The Match Girl" mosaic which is 42"x32" in size. (me jumping into the story)

Detail of "The Match Girl" mosaic which is 42"x32" in size. (the little girl's soal going to heaven)


  1. My favorite fairy tale as well. A beautiful piece of art.

  2. Hi Kasia,
    Remember me from Madarts? I happened upon your site by way of a Facebook page. Can't tell you how much I love your mosaics. You have taken them on to so many more levels since last I saw your work. Match Girl and the various autumn landscapes are particular favorites.
    Say hello to Kyle.