Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mosaic Flower Series

Visit my open facebook page "Kasia Mosaics" to see lots more up to date process shots etc. - hope you take a look and enjoy!

  Sunflower, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2013   ~SOLD

 Colorado Columbine, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2013   available for purchase

Red Zinnia, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2013   ~SOLD

 Purple Lotus, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2013   available for purchase

Orange Rose, stained glass mosaic, 11"x11" (12"x12" framed), 2013   available for purchase 

 Above are the rough sketches I created for the mosaics.

Here is a shot of the sunflower mosaic in progress.  Its hard to choose which flower from this series is my favorite, but if I had to choose, it might be the sunflower.  Before choosing the color palette for this flower, I figured I'd do the classic sunflower with the brown center ... somehow when I started looking at my glass, the brown didn't make sense for this one, I liked the look of the less common greener center.

Here is a shot of the Colorado columbine in progress.  Through out the summer on various hikes here in the mountains of Colorado, I have seen these beautiful flowers along the trail and was inspired to create one of my own.

Here is a shot of the zinnia in progress.  Zinnia's are Kyle's favorite flower to plant in the garden.  He is really the one who has brought it to my attention.  Seeing how much he loves these flowers, I just had to include it in my series.  I feel that every part of the flower lends itself perfectly to being recreated with a mosaic pattern.  This flower was particularly fun to create and I plan to revisit it in a variety of colors in the future.

 Here is a shot of the lotus in progress.  The lotus is a recurring element in my work.  I've been wanting to make a purple one for a long time now so here it is!

Here is a shot of the rose in progress.  I've always really loved roses but if I had to choose which one I love the most, it might be the orange one.

Above you can see part of the grouting process.  I grouted all the flowers at the same time.  Seeing them all come alive at the same time was very rewarding.

Here is an Instagram shot I took of the view from my studio window while finishing up my mosaic flower project.  Part of Kyle's stair garden is seen framing the beautiful view of the trees I get to enjoy everyday.  Though out the summer, we watched the flowers blossom and attract the humming birds - it really was a treat and it inspired this little series.  In September I took this photo thinking about how beautiful the rainy day was and how it made the flowers really stand out.  At that time, I had no idea how much rain we were going to get in Boulder - that was the beginning of the big flood before we had to evacuate from our home.  I had to put my project on hold while we were displaced.  Eventually we got to visit our home for a few hours at a time and I got to come back to glue the flowers on day and then a few days later we came back to grout.  Despite all that we had to deal with as a result of this natural disaster, I had to do my best to complete my project and it felt really good to sneak in a few hours of studio time during the five weeks we've been away from our home.  


  1. your work is very beautiful and inspiring, glad you are back home to enjoy your beautiful space

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comments and for the good wishes!

  2. You are most talented as an artist to draw these out and then to apply them to mosaic

    realized my previous comment probably showed up the reply as no-comment@blogger

    my email address is msmitoagain at yahoo dot com

    Ramona from Mississippi

    love these and I don't know which one is my favorite either

    1. Hi Ramona,
      Thank you for visiting my blog! This was a really fun project for me. I also can't decide which is my favorite ... I usually tend between the Zinnia and the Sunflower. I hope to expand my mosaic flower collection in 2014 =) I am actually working on a new flower right now and hope to have it completed by the beginning of next week. I will post about it on this blog once its completed. Meanwhile if you'd like you can visit Kasia Mosaics on Facebook to see some WIP shots of it:
      Happy Holidays,

  3. Hi Kasia!
    I am in awe of your talent. I have become obsessed with learning your style of mosaics. I like the concept of hand cutting, but man is it time consuming. Oddly though, relaxing. I have ambitiously started a landscape mosaic. I can't afford one of your originals, so I have emulated your style. (I hope you do not mind) I have wanted one over my couch in my living room and just figured I would try and make one. I have recently started working with stained glass and my husband has purchased me all the handy dandy tools. I enjoy the escape and have been crafty and artistic all my life. I cannot wait for it to be finished. I really hope it turns out nice. Thank you so much for your inspiration and you wonderful step by step blogs. It helps newbies like me get the hand of things!

    Judy in Illinois

  4. I have been doing crafts of different kinds all my life but have never been artistic. Is is possible to do stained glass mosaics and mosaics in general without being artistic? I have patterns that I came across in a book at a craft store and hope it helps. I am going to start traveling with my horses to see the country and am going to take my new craft with me as well as a few old ones. I love your work and only hope mine is half a beautiful as yours. Thanks for sharing and I will send you pics of some of my work as I evolve.

    Shirley in Texas for now, then somewhere in the country...