Monday, November 3, 2014

Adriana's Owl

This stained glass mosaic owl 18"x13" was created by Adriana, my 9 year old niece, while she visited me here in Colorado for a week over the summer.   She has keenly watched me work for years now and even has a few of her own projects and family murals under her belt.  Having had a helping hand in creating this wonderful mosaic gives me great pleasure.  Both I and her have learned a lot working on this mosaic and we were both very proud of the end result. 

Prior to starting the project, I encouraged Adriana to focus on developing her idea through a series of sketching.  I showed her how I approach my projects, we discussed her ideas and did research.  Then we each took some paper and pencils and did a handful of sketches.   Drawing with a child was so rewarding and it allowed me to really let go and have fun, not to worry about nice line work etc.  I think that's why it is hard to tell which ones are the drawings of a child and which ones are the drawing of a wanna be =)

The visiting artist hard at work!


 Ready to grout!

She's a grouting machine! 

Me and the little Artist =)


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  1. I love this. Her artwork is great. My style. Makes me want to attempt drawing more than stick people. Great job.