Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Conclusion of the Kasia Mosaics US Tour

We departed from Boulder, Colorado at the beginning of March, heading down through the hospitable South, up the blossoming springtime East Coast to the very green New England, meandering through the calm Midwest, stopping over in our beloved Mountain West and currently enjoying what can only be described as paradise all the way down the PacificWest.  We have been on the road now for over 7 months driving through all of the United States, teaching pop-up Stained Glass Mosaic Workshops in nearly two dozen locations. We are on the last leg of the journey circling back up to the heart of the Rocky Mountains! (above is super driver Kyle on our stop over in Big Bend National Park and to the right is our customized van in the North Cascades National Park and below I am decorating =)

After spending many months on the road, living in a cozy 6ftx10ft van with my wonderful partner Kyle, sharing my love of mosaics with a growing community of mosaics enthusiasts around the country, walking on countless paths all through out the great American landscape, taking in incredible views that I'm thankful for every day, I am ready to go back home (for at least a little while) to take all of that inspiration and to turn it into a new body of work.  Many of our experiences and photos will be relived and transformed through glass into what I promise to be my best work yet - stay tuned!  We'll be setting up shop in either Denver, CO or Santa Fe, NM at the beginning of November.  The studio will be open to the public and we will keep offering our popular workshops that as always are open to all levels and are theme based for a fun learning experience.

The above mosaic "Cascade Canyon" is where I'll be picking up my work upon returning to the studio.  Click here to see the full blog post with process shots of this landscape:

The other large project that I will be collaborating on with Kyle is a life size version of our Matryoshka Doll seen above.  Click here to see the blog post with the process of the smaller version we worked on a few years ago:

Those are just two of the many projects coming soon!

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