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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Community Mosaic Mural

Kyle and I with the installed mural!
At the end of June 2017 we installed the first Kasia Mosaics community mural project in Alamosa, Colorado.  I created the design and the color scheme for the pattern while my partner Kyle did the engineering drawings for the installation as well as the steal frame.  We had 36 volunteers come to our studio to learn how to use basic tools to shape glass and how to arrange it into a pattern at no cost to them.  I precut all the glass for the volunteers to work with and they each got to build a section of the mural with my help and guidance.  In total there were 93 sections that made up the finished design.  In addition to the volunteers, Kyle and I got to create many of the sections of the project.  Once all the pieces were ready, Kyle and I glued them on the the custom substrate Kyle built.  Then we grouted and installed it into the steal frame and finally onto the building.  Take a look our project photo album here: Community Mural Project

We also organized a successful Indiegogo Campaign to help us raise funds for the material cost for the mural.  Check it out here: Help Us Beautify Our Town With a Community Mural  To cover the remainder cost of materials, a grant from the Colorado Creative Industries was given to us by Jeff Owsley from Alamosa Small Business Development.
We installed the mural only 3 blocks from our studio so transporting it was easy!
Me with the mural before our team put it up on the building.
Iwona, Jurek and Kyle - our amazing installation crew.
Below you can see a few photos of our volunteers diligently working in our studio.  
Clockwise from top right: Marcia, Nickie, Luke, Liz and Matt.  
From the Left: Emily, Jeff, Me giving a demo and Kelsey.
Clockwise from the top: Kyle, Eva, Sam, Bryce and Emily.
Jeff and Hollie adding their sections to the layout - almost ready for gluing!
Gluing the mural, one section at a time.
Creating a map of who created which section so the volunteers can easily locate their pieces. 
Peeling the tape after the adhesive dried.
Cleaning the glass prior to grouting. 
Grouting the mosaic.
Close up.  Grouting with epoxy grout is a little bit more work than the standard grout but its perfect for the outdoors!
Polishing the grouted mosaic.
Close up of the signature plaque for the mural.
We even made the paper!
To read the full article, click Community Comes Together to Construct a Mural

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