Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ursus Borealis ~ A Limited Time Print

Ursus Borealis is available as an archival limited edition (100) gliclee art print. Pre-Order Here:

Me, Kasia, holding the finished bear up - so happy with how he turned out!
I designed this bear for my son Ethan. In creating this piece, my hope was to give him a part of me, of whom I am today. I realize that as people, we change with time and even though I may not imagine this now, I may be a very different person when he grows up. This bear will be a time capsule of when his mom spent a lot of time in the outdoors, exploring the Rocky Mountains, hiking, camping and taking in the magnificent views that inspire us to cherish and protect our public lands.

I did a series of small sketches to work out the ideal scenery.
Why a black bear? First, it is my favorite animal =) To me a black bear symbolizes wild places as they should be. Even though bears can adapt to living in varied environments, especially in their shrinking habitats here in the US, their natural environment is the kind of place I'd love Ethan to grow up knowing.

Even though Ethan is currently a baby, I chose a color palette that is sophisticated, something he can grow into.
Mama bears are great protectors of their cubs, fearless and courageous. This one will hang in Ethan's room where she can look over him and even visit him in his dreams as it is believed that dreaming of a bear can help one draw its power.

The mosaic bear ready to be glued onto the substrate which was hand cut by Ethan's Dad Kyle.
I aim to instill in Ethan a curious of animals and their environment. This bear will be a great introduction to the magic of the vast animal kingdom of the forest and of the mountains as well as of the cosmos beyond.

Grouting and Polishing, the final touches before painting the edges and hanging it in Ethan's room.
The landscape inside of the bear is that of the Rocky Mountains but not of one particular place. It is inspired by my camping trips through out Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. There is also a hint of the Canadian Rockies and Alaska where the Northern Lights can be witnessed. I haven't been to either place and I've never seen the Aurora Borealis but I hope to experience exploring the Northern Landscape with my little boy so we can take in the magic together.

Ursus Borealis, stained glass mosaic bear silhouette, 24"x40", 2018 NFS