Monday, March 12, 2018

Green Hills

Green Hills - Yellowstone, a framed stained glass mosaic 25"x49", 2018 ~Available

This mosaic was inspired by my first visit to Yellowstone in 2012. One day while driving to go hiking, this view caught my attention. We pulled over at a look out to admire the reflection of the landscape in a small lake that was as still as glass. We walked around and marveled at the serenity while little songbirds flew around us. 

 Photo I took at the lake.

The beginning of the mosaic. I used a light print our of my photo as a composition guide, while the rest of the map for my mosaic was in my head.

Phew ... the trees in this piece got to be pretty small which required a ton of time. It felt really good to be moving onto the sky.

The sky was my favorite part of this mosaic. I love this blue glass. With it and the pattern I created, I worked to capture the feeling of the bluebird sky wrapping around the mountain.

 After peeling the tape, prior to grouting.

 Grouting in black to accentuate the pattern in the sky.

 Grouting detail.

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