Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kasia Mosaics Online Classes

Learn Kasia's unique approach to mosaics through one of these fun project oriented classes that give full insight into stained glass mosaics from start to finish covering precision glass cutting for mosaic, arranging patterns, using the front-mounting tape technique, gluing, grouting and much more. Check out the Kasia Mosaics Classes website for more information:

All classes are available for streaming worldwide and are open to all levels, including complete beginners. Plus there is Bonus access to Kasia's private facebook learning group where students from all over the world come to share their projects, inspire one another and to ask questions. Kasia checks in weekly and enjoys seeing the beautiful work created by all.

Students have lifetime access - the class never expires. Additionally, Kasia adds occasional tutorials from time to time. This makes the classes unique because it is prerecorded and very well organized into Parts and Lectures - its like a College Course for mosaic artist but it keeps evolving with time. 

The full set of project templates that comes with each class is a part of a unique teaching technique that makes learning easy and fun. But the concepts covered in each class are not specific for only the class projects, they are the core foundation for anyone who is interested in the techniques used to create Kasia's fine art mosaics. Following completing just one of the class projects, students can graduate to creating their own mosaics while others fully immerse themselves in the extended course and create every project Kasia shares in the class.

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