Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Serenity - A Pastoral Colorado Scene

Serenity, acrylic painting on board – finished in gloss varnish, 12″x24″, 2021 ~SOLD

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This painting of one of my favorite  pastoral scenes near where I live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. These are the San Juan Mountains in the Southwestern part of the State. I moved to this part of Colorado in the Spring of 2020 and each week leading up to the summer I watched the wildflowers bloom in series. I was amazed that the flowers just kept blooming, taking turns to show their beauty to all who would look.

I’ve included a photo I took for inspiration for my painting but as it is with photos, not always will they show the true magic of the landscape. That’s where the artist comes in and is able to try to show what it is that she loved about this place. I love all the purple, pink, violet, yellow and white wildflowers popping from the earth everywhere I looked. This can be best experienced by hiking the local trails which I loved doing this summer. I think about those special days often and when I see more snow in the forecast, I remind myself that it is fuel for the wildflowers to come in just a few more months! 

I wanted to create a fun, colorful representation of one of the images that has brought me the most joy and most sense of wonder in 2020. Every time I looked at these mountains, I was in awe, I was inspired and humbled by the grandeur and beauty of my surroundings.

This photo shows the sheen of the gloss varnish nicely =) And below is a detail shot of the drawn-in details with acrylic paint markers.

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