Saturday, September 4, 2021

Paradise at Mt Rainier Painting

Paradise at Mt Rainier, acrylic on board, 48″x30″, 2021 ~SOLD
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This painting was inspired by one of the neatest mountain scenes that I got to experience in person. Mt Rainier is a sight to behold. It protrudes up toward the heavens and towers above its surroundings. When you look up, you have a feeling that if you climb up, you'd surely be able to touch the sky or even jump into a whole new universe from up there. On that bright September day, Rainier was veiled in the brightest, most beautiful colors that I've ever seen. The color palette was comprised of so many exquisit shades of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and brows contrasted with the deepest, brightest blue. It was a feast for the eyes. I could not decide if I enjoyed looking up at the mountain more or down at the unique blanket of fall colored flora and fauna. It was one of my most memorable mountain walks, one I look back on fondly. Just thinking about it makes me smile and feel giddy that I got to experience all that wonderment.

I might be releasing a limited time print of this one in the Fall, possibly in October.
  Angle view of the painting showing the frame as well as the gloss of the varnish. This painting was so challenging to photograph, to really capture the feeling it gives off in person. This little angle shot captured it pretty nicely though.

I took this photo back in 2015 when I spent a month exploring the Pacific Northwest with my life partner Kyle. We actually spent most of that year on a cross country roadtrip teaching mosaic art classes across the US. We planned for a month off to enjoy this incredible pocket of nature's wonders.

Kyle and I hiked around the base of Rainier in total awe. No photos or words can truly express the grandeur of this place.


I loved painting this large piece and was so excited to see it beautifully framed by Kyle.

Above is one of my photos that I've used to design the composition of my Mt Rainier painting.

The mountain looked incredible from any direction with so many unique plants, bushed and trees framing it for many, many possible painting compositions. I'd love to explore another one in the future but more so, I'd love to revisit this place in real life and to just enjoy this incredible scenery in person.

An angle close up of the painting.

Another detail shot with a close up of the fall foliage of the shrubbery. This was one of my favorite sights.

The ground foliage was so full of color. I still remember its intense almost glowing appearance.

Here is the Mt Rainier painting right before getting crated for international shipping. It traveled to its new home all the way in Poland. The two smaller pieces traveled with it together.

Me and my son Wesley with our favorite, new painting prior to framing and crating for shipping to its forever home =)

And of course large artwork is lovingly packaged for shipping. This large one traveled abroad so we built a custom crate for it to ensure safe travels.

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