Sunday, October 3, 2021

Glowing Moonrise - Painting

Glowing Moonrise 
acrylic on board, 16”x20”, 2021 ~ SOLD
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This painting was inspired by a moonrise that is lit up by the setting sun in the mountains, not any particular moonrise but many that I've enjoyed over the years. Most often, when it comes to one place, one set of mountains, I've seen the full moon rise from behind the Sangre de Cristo Mountains seen from the Mystic Valley Sculpture Park that I am building with my partner Kyle.

In the late Fall, Winter and early Spring, when the sun sets early, it helps to create one of my favorite phenomenons in nature. In the late afternoon/early evening, the sun sets in the West just as the moon rises in the East and this helps to give the moon a brighter hue, sometimes pink. In Mosca, Colorado in my sculpture park, this is particularly fun to watch because the moon rises from behind the mountains. If those mountains are sprinkled with snow, the effect is further amplified. The subtle pink, blues and violets are so calming and beautiful to watch, despite the extreme chill in the air.  The sky is so big and full of beauty there and during these type of evenings it really grabs you.

This is something that I've also enjoyed in other parts of Colorado and beyond, not just at my sculpture park. But those moments just stand out the most right now because I get to enjoy them often, something I feel very fortunate for. Photographing those images never translates to the actual experience. That's what motivated me to try my hand at painting that magic.

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