Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Night Sky Minies

Violet Wintry Night, acrylic on board, 6″x8″, 2021 ~SOLD
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This painting is part of my new mini series where I explored the concept of remote mountainous places where on a clear night the sky is filled with infinite stars. In this piece, I explored a scene where the atmosphere is purple and violet.

I’ve only seen something like this in real life one time while camping in Zion National Park. The Night sky was violet  and pinkish. The sky looked very light but the milky way was so clearly visible – it was so magical. The surrounding landscape also seemed lit up which was so neat. In this little painting I wanted to express some of that phenomenon but in a more mountainous and wintry scene.

Polar Night, acrylic on board, 8″x6″, 2021 ~SOLD

This painting is inspired by the idea polar nights. I’ve not actually experienced this incredible phenomenon where night lasts 24 hours but I’ve been fascinated by it.

I sleep right next to a window where I see a beautiful, full night sky most nights. Here in Pagosa Springs, Colorado the nightly display of stars is awe inspiring. I live on the border of the national forest and each time it snows, the scenery out that window is pretty magical. It makes my mind wonder about what the nights are in other, faraway remote places.

There is a draft by my window so the cold chill has recently made me think of frozen, bitterly cold spots. I painted this new scene thinking of arctic places where its so cold that icebergs grow out of the sea creating a fairy tale image of winter in the mountains where surely an ice queen must be nearby.

 Frosty Winter Night, acrylic on board, 6″x8″, 2021 ~SOLD

In this piece, I explore really jagged, snowy peaks that shoot up from the colorful forest, straight into a crystal clear and very cosmic night scene.

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