Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Mystical Snowy Night in the Mountains

Mystical Snowy Night in the Mountains
 acrylic on board varnished in satin
34″x46″ (36″x48″ framed)
I live in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. The pristine wilderness of these mountains is awe inspiring anytime of the year. But in the Winter, when the snow blankets these Rocky Mountains, the scenery is Mystical. The mountains look immaculate, untouched, frigid yet breathtakingly beautiful and full of mystery. The skies here are filled with what seems like an infinite numbers of stars shinning brightly on a clear night. 

With my painting, I wanted to share the type of enchantment that you get filled with in childhood when you see something spectacular. Here in Colorado the scenery can bring an adult back to that place back in time when the world seemed full of Magic and Mystery. All of that is still here, tucked away in the mountains.

Process - from a pencil sketch to a burst of color.


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