Sunday, December 11, 2022

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

This Holiday Season, I painted my first set of Christmas Ornaments. I created six and am so happy that they all sold soon after I released them. They are all traveling across the country to their new loving homes in Virginia, New York State, Michigan, New Jersey and New York City.


Stay tuned for more ornaments in 2023! I hope to create another set, hopefully in November =) I know that's pretty far in the distant future. 
This fun little project is more of a unique way for me to create miniature, affordable art to share with my audience, rather than something that I can sustain creating on a regular basis. Its a way for me to connect to folks who care about my art and what I do - my way to share my work on a more accessible scale. The bonus of that, with this particular project, is that these small round landscapes make perfect ornaments, though they can hang on a wall year round in a non-Christmas celebrating home. They are perfect tiny accents for a special nook of a room, adding a bit of nature's magic.

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