Monday, January 30, 2023

Beaming Mountain Sunset III


Beaming Mountain Sunset III, acrylic on board, 10″x8″x1.5″, 2023 ~SOLD
This painting is inspired by a beaming, setting sun in the mountains. I love that brief magic hour when the colors of the landscape become more intense and vivid. The atmosphere is just right to intensify all the hues, not just in the sky but in the landscape itself. Its as if someone came by and pointed a magic wand at the view and said ‘Be bright and magical but make it quick!’ Momentarily the landscape feels like its ablaze with warmth and color, creating a nearly unreal landscape. Yet those who spend time in the mountains are lucky to enjoy many views like this. I hope that this reminds you of a lovely day in the outdoor.

The painting is varnished in satin, has a signed certificate of authenticity on the back as well as a hanging wire. It is painted on a deep 1.5″ artist board that has a painted accent stripe and is varnished just like the front of the painting. It does not need to be framed for display but if the buyer prefers framed art, the painting is a standard size so sourcing a frame should not be too challenging.

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