Thursday, April 13, 2023


Reawakening, acrylic on board, 48"x48" framed, 2023 ~Available
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I live in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I love spending time in the mountains, taking in the views of the mountains that seem to go on forever. When the sun rises from behind the mountains and lights up the landscape, giving it a new life, waking it up for the day ahead - that moment is so special. A couple of years ago, I created 2 sets of lotus sculptures to express the magic and the power of new beginnings that each day brings us.

I created the above set of 5 lotus flower sculptures covered in hand cut glass mosaic and handmade ceramic tiles I made in the studio. The flowers face East toward Sangre de Cristo Mountains seen from my 40 acre Mystic Valley Sculpture Park in Mosca, Colorado. These lotus flowers are symbolic relics, opening up toward the rising sun that comes up from our beautiful Mt Blanca. On a different part of the property, I installed my other 5 lotus flowers which face the West toward San Juan Mountains and the setting sun. Seen below, they have more of a night shade color scheme. They represent the flowers getting ready to close for the night. Together these 10 flowers represent the cycle of new beginnings, a theme I love to explore. 

 I looked back on these sculpture installations while painting the sky in the above newest painting.

Above is the painting in-progress - the mountains complete and the sky is in the works! I included the pinks form my day time lotus sculptures as well as the blues form the night shade sculptures. In the sky, I added the lotus pattern to express the early morning as a time of renewal and reawakening, encouraging opening up toward the sun just like the lotus flower does each morning.

Below is a glimpse into my little painting nook in the studio. Working on a lot of this painting was a sort of meditative process. My mind was very busy and I was very conscious of that. I tried to relax and breath as I added thousands of tiny, colorful strokes to this relaxing vista. I hope that it has a calming effect on whomever looks at it as I know we all need that in our life from time to time, to be reminded of the stillness and gentle beauty of the rising sun in a pristine, mountain setting.

 Below are some process shots of the making of this painting.

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