Sunday, May 28, 2023

Bloom II Sculpture Installed in Colorado Springs

One of my latest steel sculptures has been juried into the Art On the Streets Public Program in Colorado Springs. This is a great honor as the pool of applicants spans across the world and only a couple of handfuls of artist are invited each year. Additionally this year, my sculpture Bloom II was awarded the 2nd Place Jurors Award. Thank You Colorado Springs for choosing my art for the third time as I've participated in the program two other years. Scroll all the way down to see my previous entries.  

Naturally, it was a family affair and effort to do the installation. The four of us made a trip out of it, driving up all the way from Pagosa Springs. We installed not just my sculpture but Kyle's 'Casey the Terrific Tire Caterpillar" and we got to visit one of our favorite spots to walk around incredible rocks and landscaped, the one and only Garden of the Gods, always inspirational and awe inspiring. Thank You to the Downtown Partnership for providing us 2 nights of very comfortable lodging during our stay. We had a lot of fun enjoying the sights and views around the city! Below are a few installation photos of our two little assistants, always with a cookie in hand!

I was asked if I'd like to be included in a news interview and ofcourse I said YES despite being a pretty awkward person on camera lol I just thought what a great way to further share the art that is meant for public enjoyment. It was such a neat surprise to find out this was more than a 5 second hello and introduction of my sculpture among many others. This is an amazing short feature on the Art on the Streets Program giving some insight into the creative efforts of the 4 of us, Kyle, Me, Ethan and Wesley participating in this years 2023/24 exhibit. Thank You KOAA for the fantastic video!

Watch the Video Below

Below is a variety of views and angles of Bloom II. The central location along the median allows for great viewing options, no matter what direction you are looking from.

Lastly, look down for the the two sculptures I've collaborated on with Kyle in previous years - Chipeta Mai and Artemis, both sculpted by Kyle and adorned in a glass and ceramic mosaic handmade by me. They were both on display in Colorado Springs in the past. The doll won a Juror's Award as well - that was an added honor.

And ofcourse here is a shot of Kyle's latest sculpture 'Casey the Teriffic Tire Caterpillar' during this year's installation.


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