Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Tribute to Hundertwasser

This is one of my first mosaic projects. I've recreated Friedensreich Hundertwasser's painting "Winter Painting - Mister Snow", mixed media, 92cm x 60cm, 1966.

My mosaic version (pictured above) is made of various colors of stained glass.  It's grouted in black and is glued onto a wooden board. It measures 35" x 18" and was completed it in 2007.   I entered my 'Hundertwasser' into a mosaic competition at a mosaic tile company I used to work at.  Mr Snow placed first in the artistic category.

One of the reasons I chose to recreate one of  Hundertwasser's paintings is that I knew that it would translate really well into mosaics.  When I was looking through my Hundertwasser book and when I flipped the page onto "Mister Snow", I knew I that I found my new mosaic. All the colors in the painting matched the scraps of glass I retrieved from the dumpster at the mosaic company.  It was perfect!   It turns out that this mosaic is actually made from recycled materials which I think Hundertwasser the artist would approve of! 

Here is an image of Hundertwasser's original painting next to my interpretation in a mosaic form.

After putting in nearly a hundred hours of work, I have my very own Hundertwasser, or at least its as close as I'll ever get to owning one.  Today this piece hangs proudly in my apartment where it is often admired by my guests =)


  1. I like yours better! this is great!

  2. Great work.
    greeting from London

  3. A beautiful tribute to Hundertwasser. Great work.


  4. You are an absolute legend! I love your mosaic. Can't believe that it is one of your first works. In my opinion it looks better than the original painting. Well done. So jealous it is hanging in your lounge and not mine!

  5. WOW i luv ur mosaic!
    its great
    u helped me alot cos i needed the name of this pic!!!