Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun With Iridescent Glass

Untitled, stained glass mosaic on board, 5"x11", 2011   ~SOLD

Lately I've been having fun making lots of small landscapes. I think this is one is going to be one of the last ones for a while, as I am getting ready to start a new series of work.

I thought this would be fun to post because of the iridescent quality of this mosaic. It starts out as a sketch, which I build upon. Though that's always a rough idea. I never actually cut the glass as drawn in the sketch - you can see that with the sky which I decided to change after I built the mountains. In the bottom two photos, the changing color of the glass is apparent. Most of the glass is iridescent gray and blue but it shimmers in the light as you look at it from different angles!

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