Monday, January 23, 2012

Matryoshka (Matrioszka) Doll

Matryoshka Doll, stained glass mosaic on plywood, 30" x 23", 2011 ~SOLD

This is the first part of the Matryoshka Project.  Last year Kyle and I collaborated on a 3D Matryoshka Doll sculpture. We worked on the concept together.  He designed and fabricated the 3D form and I designed and fabricated the mosaic pattern.  This 2D doll was created by me to work out the design for the 3D doll.  Though she took on a life of her own and became her own piece.  

I love the fresh and lively feeling of the combination of blue and green.  I wanted her to look youthful, modern and full of good energy.  Her belly is imprinted with the lotus flower - a symbol for purity and divine life.  For me she is the symbol of a youthful woman, full of life and energy.  As a nesting doll she is curvy and symbolizes the fertility of a youthful beauty.

Below is some of the process of how she came to life.

Left: Color Concept Sketch   Right: Black and White Mosaic Sketch

Mosaic Fabrication Over the Color Sketch
Left: Detail of the Cheek   Right: Detail of Lotus Flower
Left: Progress of the Face   Right: Laying the Tesserae
Left: Mosaic Taped and Ready for Gluing   Right: Grouting

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