Monday, January 2, 2012

Mt Elmore

Kicking of 2012 with a new Vermont inspired landscape! I began working on this piece a few weeks back in December. It allowed me to time travel to a sunny spring day at Mt Elmore =)

Spring in Vermont is amazing to watch. Living in the Northeast Kingdom was filled with so many beautiful things but one of the luckiest things was witnessing the changing flower fields. Every week the grassy fields would be covered by a new color and a new flower. Each week I was surprised to see patches of yellow, white, pink, purple or orange. I watched in awe!

Mt Elmore, stained glass mosaic on board, 8.25" x 18", 2012  ~SOLD
Driving in Vermont is another phenomena.  There are no billboards and everything is picturesque.  While gazing out the passenger's window, I caught a glimpse of an extremely pink field.  We were on the way somewhere and couldn't turn back to take a closer look or a picture but it has stuck with me because it looked so unique.

Then last spring, driving here in the Midwest, I've spotted pink flowers on the highway and was reminded that I wanted to recreate this in a mosaic.  I looked through my glass and one green piece stood out to me as Mt Elmore so I decided to combine the pink flower field with one of my favorite scenic mountains.  I got to watch Mt Elmore from my porch for half a year but my favorite view of it was also caught while driving.  I liked seeing it standing alone, apart from the other mountains and I dressed it up with my own field of pink flowers. 

Process shot of Mt Elmore.  All the circles have been shaped and its onto the trees!


  1. Beautiful work — lovely concept design, great choice of opus and luscious colors! I live and work in the Northeast Kingdom and you have certainly captured the exuberance we feel each spring here — which must have something to do with our l-o-n-g, c-c-cold winters.

    1. Hi Fresca,
      Thank you! I am happy to get a local's approval =) The Vermont landscape has given me so my inspiration. Recreating these places is like time travel for me. Even though I am far away now, I get to go back and enjoy some of what I love most about Vermont through my mosaic=)