Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wedding Goblet Mosaic

Untitled, stained glass mosaic and broken glass goblet, 9.5" x 12", 2012   ~SOLD
This project revolved around incorporating the broken glass from the Jewish wedding ritual of breaking the glass into a mosaic that would be a work of art in itself.  The central element of the piece had to be the broken glass from the wedding day.   I thought of this as a symbol of the beginning of married life for the young couple. From the broken stem, a new life unravels the way that a Koru fern (spiral in shape) unravels slowly and symbolizes new life, growth, strength, and peace.  I think all these symbols are good wishes for the young couple.  The wedding goblet was specifically green because it is the bride's favorite - that is one reason that the mosaic is dictated by the color green.  In addition green stands for: healthy relationships, life, fertility, balance, growth, learning and harmony which all apply to a happy marriage.
 Angele View of "Untitled, stained glass mosaic and broken glass goblet, 9.5" x 12", 2012"
Concept sketches showing possible patterns and ways of incorporating the broken glass into the mosaic design.
Color palette to match the wedding goblet and the almost finished mosaic in the grouting process.

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