Monday, February 10, 2014

Purple and Blue Lotus Flower Set

Amethyst Lotus, stained glass mosaic on board, 23"x23" framed, 2014 ~SOLD

Purple and Blue Lotus Flower, stained glass mosaic on board, 23" x 23" framed, 2014  ~SOLD

Azure Lotus, stained glass mosaic on board, 23"x23" framed, 2014  ~SOLD

Glass selection.

Hand-cutting all the glass petals.

The three flowers coming along.  Here I was deciding on the colors for the centers as well as for the backgrounds.

All the glass circles in the center of each flower were hand cut with my steal flat head tile nippers.

Each mosaic is being adhered to a white board to help preserve the luminosity of the glass.

 Grouting all three at once!


  1. Hi Kasia!
    I am in awe of your talent. I have become obsessed with learning your style of mosaics. I like the concept of hand cutting, but man is it time consuming. Oddly though, relaxing. I have ambitiously started a landscape mosaic. I can't afford one of your originals, so I have emulated your style. (I hope you do not mind) I have wanted one over my couch in my living room and just figured I would try and make one. I have recently started working with stained glass and my husband has purchased me all the handy dandy tools. I enjoy the escape and have been crafty and artistic all my life. I cannot wait for it to be finished. I really hope it turns out nice. Thank you so much for your inspiration and you wonderful step by step blogs. It helps newbies like me get the hand of things!

    Judy in Illinois

    1. Hey Judy,
      Thanks so so much! I am happy to hear that you have found inspiration in my work and that it has pushed you to try something new! Your landscape project sounds ambitious and exciting =) I don't mind if you work to emulate my style in your work as long as you don't copy it any particular image directly. I like it when people are inspired by what I do but also push themselves a little bit further and add their own flair to it - I find that its more rewarding for everyone this way. Best of Luck and thanks for the comment!

  2. Turned out fantastic. Grouting my least favorite part.... lol...and you look happy doing it!!!

  3. Wow, the colors on these are stunning! Purple and blue is one of my favorite color combinations :)

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