Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Barn Owl in Camoflauge Tights

The barn owl is really beautiful, graceful bird. It is reminiscent of a knight armored in feathers - that's what I thought of when I was designing this sweet bird. One of the most unique features of the barn owl is its heart-shaped face. It also has really dark, inset eyes. I wanted to highlight those by adorning them in little, yellow 'jewels' my hand cut circles.

Barn Owl In Camouflage Tights, 16.5"x7.5"x5/8" silhouette, stained glass mosaic on mdf, 2014~SOLD

Besides the barn owl being so pretty, I also see a little bit of whimsy when I look at a real one. It has these really long, slender legs. This is where I thought I could sneak in a little bit of humor. I dressed the silly, little legs of my owl in tights, not just any tights but camouflage, because, well its an owl, you gotta add a bit of camouflage because these birds are very sneaky and very clever, often blending in so beautifully with their environment. This little owl has always made me laugh a little bit while reminding me of the beauty and mystery of the the world of the night where owls swoop silently through the darkness.

Below are a few process shots of the making of this latest addition to my collection.

 Sketching ... 

Choosing Colors.

Friends =)



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