Monday, November 24, 2014

Barn Owl

Java the Barn Owl, stained glass mosaic, 30"x20" (31"x21" framed) ~SOLD

Above you can see the first stages of the process. I did various sketches before starting the process.  I carefully chose a single sheet of glass which had enough of variety of pattern and color in it to allow me to find all the right sections to decorate my design in.

My partner Kyle used a router to carve out the silhouette of my owl so that we could inset her into the oak plywood. The wood was sanded, stained in classic gray to match the mid-tones of the glass and then it was finished in satin.

After we glued the owl into the substrate, we taped of the freshly finished wood and grouted the mosaic in charcoal black. 

 View of the frame plus a great example of scale.

 Angle view showing the wood-grain as well as how the glass is slightly raised above the plywood.

Close up detail of the face and feathers.

Close up of the custom frame made to match the glass.

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