Friday, December 19, 2014

Teton Sunrise

Teton Sunrise, stained glass mosaic, 14.5"x25" (16"x26.5"), 2014 ~SOLD

In 2013 my partner Kyle and I ventured on an epic trip to Wyoming. For about 10 days we explored Yellowstone National Park as well as Teton National Park. We only had 3 days in the Tetons but we made the most of it. We backpacked Cascade/Paintbrush Canyons and did a few other day hikes as and shorter hikes which allowed us to experience the Tetons from all different directions and during different times of day. Each view, each moment was unique and breathtaking as everything in this area seems to be. 
Photo by Kyle Cunniff on our trip to the Teton Mountains in the summer of 2013

On our last day, we woke up early to check out the sunrise over Jenny Lake.  It was spectacular as seen in Kyle's Photo.  I combined that memory of those sweet, sunrise colors with the view of the Tetons from Cascade Canyon where we camped with the Youghiogheny head glass which I wanted to incorporate into a special project.  What I got is this landscape "Teton Sunrise".  It captures various experiences into one image.  So much is reborn into something new, something of my own.  Yet it is an homage to what so many can relate to, whether they have stood where I stood and looked at these very mountains or whether they simply dreamed it because it lived inside of them or because they needed this place to inspire them.  This landscape is real yet imaginary - you decide. 
A few process shots of Teton Sunrise