Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Arbitrium (Latin for Determination), stained glass mosaic sculpture, 4ft x 4ft, 2020 by Kasia Polkowska

The Moth demonstrates pure determination, always searching out light in darkness. Though, if in this quest, it stumbles upon a 'burning' brightness, the fragility of its body will succumb to it. The strength of the moth's faith is divine yet can bring upon a sudden melancholia when its vulnerability gets the best of it - the Moth reminds us to beware of 'Blind Faith'.

I created two sets of matching wings for the sculpture. Being that this is a public art sculpture, I wanted passerby's to be able to enjoy it from both directions.

These days I usually have my little assistant lending mommy a helping hand, while indulging in yummy treats of course =) 

My other assistant, my partner Kyle created the beautiful sculpture for this new sculpture. 

Here Kyle and Ethan are applying exterior foam coat to get the sculpture ready for the mosaic application. 

The stained glass mosaic is glued in large sections as seen here. This is the front-mounting technique, using clear tape. I actually teach this approach to mosaics in my 2d Mosaic Flower and Mosaic Owl Online Workshops. 

Using tape for transferring mosaics onto bases allows for working more fluidly. For this sculpture I used it for about 95% of the mosaic. There were small sections in hart do reach places where it was better to cut, fit and glue each piece at a time which is not my preferred way of working but it was necessary.

Ready for grouting!

 Grouting this type of mosaic sculpture is a pretty tedious, time consuming task. It took many hours and both Kyle and I do get it done.

Grouting Detail.

Late nights in the studio! Having a toddler and an infant does not leave much room to work these days, hence the sleepy eyes on both Kyle and I. 

And during the day, the little assistant is back at it, polishing the grouted sculpture =) 

This is in front of our house, the day before we delivered the sculpture to Alamosa, CO for installation. It is on display on Main Street for the duration of the 2020/21 Alamosa Artscape an Outdoor Art Exhibit in the Southern Colorado town. 

Another angle view. The sculpture caught the setting sun nicely. 

To finish it off here is Ethan ready to fly away with his colorful wings. I love seeing how he reacts to each new project <3

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