Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Little Molas Lake - Colorado

Autumn Sunset at Little Molas Lake
 acrylic painting on board finished in gloss varnish, 12″x24″, 2020 ~SOLD
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This painting of a sunset at Little Molas Lake near Silverton, Colorado. Over the years, I have spent many beautiful days and nights camping and hiking in this special, remote part of Colorado.
This is one of my favorite views from the dispersed camping area at the lake. I love looking at the nearby flaura and fauna with glimpses of the pristine water, the line up of the powerful trees with the beautiful silhouette of the mountains and finally a subtle, colorful sunset that creates a soft vail over the whole scene.

The actual visit to the lake that inspired the painting was in September of 2018, just about a month prior to my first son Ethan, turning 1 year old. This special place can be enjoyed by nature lovers of all ages and abilities. Even though it is in a remote area, it is very accessible during Summer and Fall. 

Here is Ethan at 3 years old holding the painting of our special place =)

Angle view in natural light.

Angle view in natural light.
  The painting is 12"tall and 24" wide by 2" deep.

Here you can see the side view - the painting is 2" deep.